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  I just got back yesterday from a fall fishing trip with the Bensons.  Both Fawkinnea and Wyofish made the journey.  We stayed at a resort that was called Keck's Cove.  A very nice resort  with nice cozy cabins.  The best thing is they are open year round.  W
Walleye and pike action is strong.  Good reports from both the Lighthouse and Morris Gap,  Zippel Bay by the rock, Garden Island and Hay Island all around 18-22 feet. Northern Pike active in Zippel Bay, Bostic Creek and in front of Rocky Point.

River fishing is HOT, HOT, HOT. Li

27 Oct 2014 - The scene has changed

During the past week I took these pictures from various stands I bow hunted from.  There has been a dramatic change in the views over the past few weeks.  The woods is now in the same state that you will see during the gun season.

[img width=480 height=360]http://i59.tinypic.co
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