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28 Jul 2015 - Excellent July Fishing

Bite continues to be good. Walleyes, saugers and some jumbo perch are being caught anchored up jigging with frozen shiners, drifting with spinners/crawlers and trolling crankbaits. Try Long Point area and around reefs in 28-33'. Lots of walleyes still being caught around and north of Garden Isl


3-D Walleyes
By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson

It would be easy for anglers to fall victim to the notion that the watery world below is two-dimensional. The water's surface is flat.  Lake and river maps are flat.  Your sonar screen is flat.  But down below, the bottom consists of peaks and valleys just like the dry world above.

Changes in bottom contours are called structure and understanding how structure affects fish behavior is the key to angling success. The trick is to train our minds to translate two-dimensional images from a map, your sonar screen, or GPS into mental images with three dimensions. A technique called visualization can help you with this task.

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