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Ice fishing still continues for a handful of resorts, others have pulled houses.  Rely and work through resorts. In addition, here is an ice road report.  Conditions can change daily.

Adrians...  Road closed, sending anglers to Graceton Beach, checking daily
Its that time of year .Dug the houses out of the woods last week. 4 feet of snow had blown in off the lake. I had to have david come over with loader as there was just to much snow to move. I think what little snow we have had all ended up on our lake shore.
Blue thunder two arrived friday evni

Minnesota Wild Turkey Success
By Craig Warner

As the alarm clock sounded on the 6th day of my Archery Turkey hunt, I spent 10 minutes trying to talk myself into getting more sleep. Getting up at 4:00 a.m. was getting old! Knowing that I could only hunt until 9:00am I almost had myself convinced it was better to sleep in, go to work and then hunt in the afternoon. But, then I realized that it was May 21st and there was not much time left in the season. If I was going to get my first Turkey with a bow I would have to give it my all so I shot out of bed and headed down the road to the farm I was hunting. I parked my truck off to the side of the farm road and made my way down the edge of the freshly planted oat field in the pre-dawn darkness. I set my decoys out in the field 20 yards from my blind and got ready for the morning hunt.

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