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Limits of walleye and sauger filled boats this week with plenty of trophy walleyes in the mix. Drifting with spinners or trolling/down rigging has been the favored method. Drifting has been productive in areas near Morris Point, Graceton, Zippel Bay, or Long Point 5-15' or 23-27' with gold

Bow hunting: Pass it on to the next generation
By Robert Parry

Today's youth are very different from the kids I grew up with.  Or are they? Living in the Age of Media Bombardment, the world is literally at their fingertips. They can research facts and figures at warp speed. They can see the world from the comfort of a desk. These days, a child doesn't even have to play baseball to enjoy it. He or she plays imaginary baseball on an X-Box or PS2. The fingers become finely conditioned, as the rest of the body atrophies. Kids are still kids. They absorb and learn that which they are exposed to, positive or negative.  Show a child something fun and exciting and it will be pursued with vigor.

Bow hunters have an important task to perform. Culling the whitetail herd is vital. Vehicles cannot do the job alone. The hunters need to continue harvesting year-after-year. What happens when we run out of hunters? The deer over-populate and nature regulates the herd with disease and suffering.

Teach a youth to bow hunt. Ensure another generation of stick and string. A teacher knows the joy of watching a student excel. Become a teacher and find those notes of the symphony that are missing.

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