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50/50 walleye and sauger mix is the common report this week. Some perch, eel pout, and sturgeon showing up as well. From 4 Mile Bay, Lighthouse Gap, and off Pine Island anglers are fishing in 18-26 feet of water. Moving west from Graceton, Zippel Bay, Long Point, and Arnesens. 24-26 feet day bite, h
Its that time of year .Dug the houses out of the woods last week. 4 feet of snow had blown in off the lake. I had to have david come over with loader as there was just to much snow to move. I think what little snow we have had all ended up on our lake shore.
Blue thunder two arrived friday evni

10 Nov 2014 - Ice conditions 2014-2015

  Please help our members out with current ice conditions.

   As of today I have only seen ice in a minnow bucket.  I would expect with the current drop in temps we should be seeing some of the smaller  ponds and lakes getting iced over.   :happy1:
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