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    On the south end...  Fall walleye fishing remains very good.  Walleyes are staged in front of the Lighthouse Gap (mouth of Rainy River), Morris Point Gap, Zippel Bay area and Long Point in 16' - 24'.  Best method is to anchor up and jig with frozen shiners.  Jig colors in gold, pink, glow, orange or a combo of these colors working well.  Limits of eater walleyes and saugers common with small, slot and trophy walleyes mixed in.  Jumbo perch in the mix as well.  Anglers targeting pike finding good success with some big fish.

    On the Rainy River...   Nice walleyes and saugers still coming out of Four Mile Bay in 12-16' of water.  Up river from Wheeler's Point strong current, fish congregating in areas with current breaks, often closer to shore or holes in river.  7-16' depending upon the spot.  River anglers finding walleyes.  If fishing in current, have big jigs, 3/4 oz -1.5 oz if in the main channel.  Some slot and trophy walleyes caught this week. Sturgeon anglers reports are good also.

    Up at the NW Angle...  Walleyes have the fall feed bag on.  Neck down areas, points and mouths of bays continue to hold good fish.  Jigging continues to be the go to method.  Crappie anglers being rewarded with good slabs.  Muskie fishing remains strong as is typical with fall.  A complete list of lodging and fishing options available at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging

    1st time hosting Governor's Pheasant Opener, Walz bags a rooster

    DNR says Minnesota's pheasant population is down from last year, but birds are still abundant in some areas. 

    I have been having some days off and then dong a little hunting fishing hence not really keeping up with the reports like I usually do. Fishing has generally been good for both smallmouth and walleye on Oahe but tougher for the most part on Sharpe especially when they are running heavy current. I just finished guiding Scott Baily and his wife (friends of my fishing partner Larry Porter) from Lincoln Ne. for two days. The first day was in 20 to 40 mph winds so we just hung out below the dam with very little results. More a survival effort but day two the winds died and we got one of those beautiful fall days and got really nice fish on the big lake. We could have probably caught all the smallmouth we wanted but they were more interested in walleye so we did a little running and found some nice 15 inch to 20 inch walleye getting both their limits and mine. They were all real nice healthy fish coming from around 17 fow on nightcrawler/spinner/bouncer rigs but we did catch a few on minnows. A picture perfect day with as nice a couple as I could want and a really nice bunch of fish. Over all the bite has been good on Oahe with a lot of bigger fish being caught on a lot of different presentations but one that I will mention other than live bait is jigging spoons. For many of the guides jigging raps/spoons have been putting a lot of nice limits in the boat in depths deeper but recently down to 35 fow. The fishing season is starting to wind down now and hunting is beginning to take over center stage. There are plenty of birds on ranches that want them  but some areas of public ground in the state are a little down. GF&PS put out info on the counts around the state so if hunting on public land it is good to see what areas are best. Lots of crops in the field due to lots of rain so that will be a big factor on season opener. I will still do a few more fishing reports but just about ready to hang things up for the year. If I don't put out the info you need and you are coming later to fish feel free to give me a call and I will try and be helpful. Snow coming in this week so watch that as fishing could be real uncomfortable.


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