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Turkey blinds: best features for the spring bowhunter

By Tony Peterson

Itís almost time to start scouting turkeys, placing blinds, and setting the early-morning alarms. Before the April rush that is turkey season, however, you might be considering buying a new blind. This market category has blown up during the past decade, so you have plenty of options vying for your cash.

Hereís my strategy with turkeys: I always want to own at least one oversized, rugged blind and one small, lightweight blind that works for a single person. The big blind goes into my best spot, usually a carefully scouted strutting zone that doubles as a food source and travel route.

The lightweight blind, which might tip the scales anywhere from 12 to 16 pounds, is my portable option for when my main spot doesnít pan out. I keep this blind in my truck pretty much all season long so if I have to call an audible, itís available.

With either type of blind, I prefer the styles with plenty of brush loops and doors that operate quietly. The brush loops allow for truly concealing a blind, a must for pressured turkeys. Doors with over-sized, quieter-than-average zippers or no zippers at all are ideal, too, when it comes to quietly getting in when birds are roosted nearby.

When it comes to windows and shooting ports, I donít really care much about the configurations because Iím only going to open them up as much as necessary, which isnít much. The biggest mistake I see with turkey bowhunters? They want huge windows that span the entire front of their blind, and they want to open them up to see as much as possible. The problem with this plan is that it allows in more light and turkeys will bust you much easier.

If youíre considering a new blind purchase, consider your needs and how youíll use it. If youíve already got a blind, buy something that will allow for a different style of hunting and open up your spring longbeard options.

South end

Good reports for those still ice fishing in 24-31'.  Gold, glow red and glow colors best.  Try downsizing presentation.  Deadsticking plain hook with live minnow consistent.  Morning / evening bite continues in 15-20'.  Pike action strong with many fish over 40" caught again this week.  Some resort fish houses still available, many of the resorts are done ice fishing for the year.  Check LOW Tourism Facebook page for details. Lots of snow on the lake, slush in spots, best to stay on resort roads or trails.  Fish houses on ice through March 31, walleyes open through April 14, pike season open continuous.  Auger extensions needed.


Rainy River 

A strong current in the river.  River opening up way to the east.  Open water fishing will be here soon.

NW Angle  

Some good reports from Angle.  Best reports are morning and evening.  Walleyes coming from 14-22'.  Saugers and jumbo perch mixed in.  Jig one line, second line dead stick with a plain hook with a live minnow.  Some resorts open with fish houses available, some closed.  This time of year, call ahead to resort for daily info.  If snowmobiling, lots of slush off of the trail, stay on trails. 
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