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Walleye fishing continues to be good as the walleyes have the feed bags on.  Water temps starting to slowly cool.  Drifting with spinners, anchoring and jigging, and downrigging crankbaits all were successful depending upon the location.  28-32 feet still holding fish four miles out of Lighthouse Gap.  Jig and minnow has been good. Gold, pink, white, blue, and silver for colors. Scattered schools across the lake to Zippel Bay, Long Point and Rocky Point catching good numbers of fish. Reefs along with "no man's land" holding walleyes . Trolling crankbaits still very effective.  Smallies are active along shoreline structure.

On the Rainy River, some eyes being boated daily but lots of rain Friday night dirtied the water. Anglers pulling cranks and spinners as top choice to cover as much water as possible. Bass biting well. Sturgeon fishing is slow but many spotted jumping or "breaching".  Sturgeon "keep" season is now open through Sep. 30.
Up at the NW Angle, fishing in 18-22 feet with orange, green and gold spinners tipped with shiners and crawlers on warmer days and 20-27 feet when its cooler. Fish have been caught in mud and rubble rock, west bar off Little Oak, Crow Duck, west bar off Garden Island and in the mud south of Oak Island. Spinners outproducing downrigging. Crappies are being found in deep holes of 26-30 feet. In Ontario waters, spinners are successful but the jig bite is back.  The preferred depth is 24-30 feet on top of reefs, saddles, points, and wind swept areas. For muskies a large percentage of fish seen are being caught, patience is key. Bucktails, stickbaits and topwater producing over bare rocks, reeds with rocks and rocks adjacent deep water. Resorts, guides, and hot deals at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com.
I can finally say that we have a hot walleye bite on Lake Winnie. 
This past week, the fish were biting on any bait that you threw at them.  Crankbaits, spinners with minnows, crawlers, or leeches, and jigs with minnows, all caught fish.  The fish are on the shallow flats and also on the weed edges. Normally, our guests fish northerns this week, but the walleyes were biting so well that they mostly fished for them.  I am sure that this is what the rest of the year is going to be like.  If you are in to walleye fishing, this is the year to come up to Winnie.
Northern fishing is really good right now, as well.  The size and numbers are off the charts.  What ever you like to catch them on, they are biting!  Find some nice cabbage weeds, and you will find northerns.  No huge fish lately, but a lot of really nice fish in the 26-32" range.  I had a 35-36" fish yesterday.
Musky Dave's son Dan boated two muskies in his short three day stay. 
There were also three other muskies caught last week.
If you follow my fishing reports over the years, you know that I only say we have a hot bite once in a great while.  So if you are considering a place where you will catch fish, you need to come see us very soon.  We have two specials coming up.  Our Labor Day Special allows you to stay 9 days for the price of a week.  Our fall special is 20% off all reservations after Labor Day.  Check our availability and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

slip float night walleyes

by Greg Bohn

If you think your rock bar is hot during the day,wait until the sun goes down. Many walleyes put feeding on hold until nightfall. Don't miss the bite after dark. It can be unbelievable!

There's nothing more exciting than watching a Lindy Nite Brite lighted float dipping underwater near the boat. You know there might be a big walleye on the hook. If that doesn't get your attention, check for a pulse.

I live in heaven when it comes to the night bite. My area of northern Wisconsin literally offers thousands of lakes that turn on hone the sun goes down.

Still, some anglers consider night fishing a hassle. I agree it's a different world out there after dark and it does have it's moments. Swatting mosquitoes and big June bugs or watching bats swoop down and hit your lighted bobber are things that happen. But, I assure you, late-night walleyes will make it worthwhile.

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