The Go-To Methods For Catching Trophy Bluegill This Year

The Go-To Methods For Catching Trophy Bluegill This Year

Though most people think it's damn near impossible to plan a fishing trip that will allow you to catch a bluegill weighing 1 pounds or more by design rather than by accident, know that you can do it.

It's quite possible to land yourself the biggest bluegill of your lifetime in your next fishing trip.

This article will share tips on how to do just that with tactics and tricks gotten from five decades worth of experience and knowledge.

1. Aim For The Bottom.

Huge bluegills are made to swim at the very bottom. Use a tight line bait rig to catch them. Be sure to set it up perfectly so that when a fish falls for the bait, the line will move freely through the sinker without any resistance to warn fish about a potential threat.

2. Catch Your Light Biters.

Use a European style "antenna" slip bobber on a 2-to-4 pound test line. Make sure that at least inch of the bobber shows above the water so that if a trophy swims upwards after getting the bait, it removes some weight from the line. This way, the bobber will rise enough to tell you there's a taker.

3. Use Spinners.

When you happen to be fishing in new waters and are trying to find the perfect locales, consider using small spinnerbaits cast and retrieved extremely slowly. An obvious favorite is the Road Runner's Natural Science Trout & Panfish spinner. The spinner blade twists fast enough even when the lure is taken in slowly. It works very effectively.

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4. Tempt Them With Topwater plugs.

Make use of topwater plugs that look like natural bluegill forage in order to tempt the curious trophy bluegills. Cast the plugs and let them sit but give them an occasional tug to ripple the water's surface. With some luck, a curious bluegill will soon hurry by and that's when you should go for it.

5. Try Minnows.

When hoping for a trophy bluegill, try fishing 2-to 3-inch minnows. And remember that patience will be the key to success here. Place the bait through both lips and not behind the dorsal fin. Then offer the minnow below a slip bobber. Don't forget to soak the bait before you put it in as bait.

6. Don't Underestimate Facebook.

Forget about using Facebook to waste some online time. If your use it for fishing purposes, you will be shocked at how helpful it can be. You could friend fellow fishermen and check out their fishing photos to find out great locales and if you are lucky enough they'll even share great tips with you.

7. Choose The Right Waters.

Another huge way of raising your chances of catching your trophy bluegill is to find the right waters. The right waters have an exceptional forage base and an almost-perfect predator-prey ratio. A great way of finding the right spot is phoning the freshwater fisheries agency in your state. Ask the right questions to get the best location.

8. Be Familiar With The Possibilities.

Have a look at state records. If you happen to live in one of the 12 states with 3 to 3 pound state records, you are likely to have a better chance of finding a great catch. If you live elsewhere, you'll need to go off to the 'lucky' states to catch the bluegill of a lifetime.

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