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MN Governor Tim Pawlenty: Unethical slob hunter

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Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty isn't the kind of slob hunter I'd want in my party. Pawlenty wounded a deer up near Thief River Falls opening morning, and then instead of trying to track it down, he took off for a political fund-raising event in Iowa and left the trqacking to the rest of his hunting party. The wounded deer was never found--another victim of poor sportsmanship, except this time, the poor sportsman is the governor of Minnesota.

This says a lot about the character of a guy who wants to be president--enough to know that he doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the White House. Or the governor's mansion, for that matter. Pawlenty set a poor example for younger hunters by participating in his cheap publicity stunt, shooting a deer and then bailing out on the hunt leaving others behind to clean up his mess. That's pathetic. I hope hunters remember this when Gov. Gutshot comes looking for your support. This slob should be ticketed for wanton waste of game and never be allowed to hunt again. If you can't finish the hunt you start, then don't hunt at all, Gov. Gutshot.  :fudd:

opinions are like @ssholes... everyone has one.
the guide that took him, should have found the deer

Or if you can't make a clean Kill shot, just simiply pass on the shot.


--- Quote from: JohnWester on November 12, 2009, 02:54:49 PM ---opinions are like @ssholes... everyone has one.
the guide that took him, should have found the deer

--- End quote ---

That's not my opinion--that's just good hunting ethics. Or are you of the "opinion" that, say, shining and baiting deer is just fine? Or leaving a wounded deer to rot in the woods is just fine? Or taking a shot at a deer when you know full well you have to be in another state in a few hours is ethical? Sorry pal, I hope you're in a woods far, far away from me when I'm hunting.

So are you claiming to have never missed or wounded a deer?  I am guessing the miss was not intentional.  Also if the party took up the search how would that be any different than my grandpa wanting to hunt, but knows full well he cannot track due to his bad legs from Vietnam so the rest of the hunting party knows that they have to take care of it? 


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