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I'm thinking of building a wheel house yet b4 freeze up but am kind of held up on the whole wheel system. I've heard some company's sell wheel systems that you just weld onto the frame... Anyone have any ideas or plans? If you've done this yourself please let me know what you ended up doing... Is it worth doing this on your own or are prices for premade ones very comparable? I kno a welder who can do all the welding in exchange for some beer so that won't be a problem... Thanks!

Sew Sille:
My brother lives in Prinston and he has made many wheel systems. You could look at his and if you want he can build you a set.Thanks,Wes

The General:
My advice if you are building one on your own find a torsion axle system.  That is if you plan on taking it on long trips a few times a year. 


I use my fish house as a camper for hunting and trips in the summer. I take the fish house from Zimmerman to DL up north a few times a year and hit a lot of lakes. The main thing I see is the wheels will start to bow out based on not having a complete axle.

I hate to say this but from what I have seen Ice castle do not last long if you’re taking it on long trips. The tire will start to bow fast.
I have a King crow fish house that is 21 years old. The owner before me only took it two block to the lake and back. The first year I had this fish house the wheels bowed in, but it was only $85.00 each wheel to replace at King Crow fish houses.

For what I have found when I purchase my next fish house, I will buy the frame only from the fish house store on 169 between Princeton and Malice. This is the best frame I have found and he does guaranty the frame and wheels from bowing for 10 years. The price is not bad if you purchase it off season.

I do not know the system the fish house store has, but if you’re building your own frame the Torsion axle the person posted before me sounds good.


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