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I guided Bob and Shelly Peetoom from down Missouri way to nice limits of walleye with some smallmouth bass on Lake Oahe. We caught the fish in 5 fow to 10 fow on bouncer/nightcrawler rigs. A great new couple and we all enjoyed the trip. Had some real nice fish to 23 inches and some numbers of 17 inch to 19 inch fish to fill out limits. I then went on to take out, along with Scott Van Lyre and Jody Cutler another of my favorite repeat customer groups the Nate Luhrs group from both the Omaha and western Ne areas.. We sent these guys home with full possession limits of walleye and smallmouth bass as bonus fish along with 2 big walleye meals while they were here. Had some weather with a fast moving front coming thru day two and we trailered the boat barely missing a real downpour with lightning and big wind. Lots of boat trailer's at the ramp so I think there were some real wet fishermen. Some times these storms move through real fast so keeping an eye to the sky and making inbound moves to the boat ramp can save you from some real trouble. Makes for lots of memories with these guys. Just blessed to have these kind of repeats to take fishing. The bite is still very good on both Oahe and Sharpe with the fish starting to move a little deeper some days but still a lot of fish up on the bank so don't overlook fishing in under 5 fow. I got another somewhat hostel comment about keeping smallmouth bass (the guy suggested I lie to my customers and tell them they are full of worms and are terrible eating) but my take on these fish is it is better to have an over all harvest of all species to keep a balanced fishery and they are great eating along with other fish like catfish etc. so unless someone provides info to the contrary I am going to continue to harvest all species in the hopes it makes for a balanced fishery rather than one that is overrun by the more aggressive fish such as bass. An example of under harvest of smallmouth from my view point is Lake Mille Lac's in MN. Rated as one of the best smallmouth lake's in the US but you can't keep walleye there this year. Other factor's enter in on this lake but personally I know a lot of fishermen around this lake that push for better harvests of these fish just to keep a balance of all species in the lake. Hotter days mean sunscreen, water and a good insect repellant in the boat. Plenty of boat traffic around especially on the week ends so be prepared to share boat ramps and cleaning stations.


Good fishing Hutch