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Universal Test
« on: May 15, 2018, 09:17:47 AM »
Line has always been the most crucial part to fishing success, after all it's what brings in the fish!  So what line works best for what species, or even better yet, there is a perfect lbs. test that is universal for all.  I have played with all kinds of brands of braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon.  While some guys are stuck on one, the most universal line that you can buy, that will day in day out catch and land you the most fish is 6 lbs. fluorocarbon.  I have a preference for fluoro brands though.  When talking mono, stren, triliene and suffix all work well when taken care of(using proper pre-soaking methods and then post fishing storage).  My go to fluorocarbon brand is Seaguar.  Red Label has consistent knot strength that I look for when tying palomar knots.  I can fish jigs, rigs, spinner baits and most crappie lures and have success while doing it all.   It has enough strength to land those big northern pike as well.  What makes it so universal for my operation is that on tough bite days it aids in the presentation of subtle lures.  This is crucial in maximizes time efficiency and management on the water, meaning more fish in your boat!!  Never the less it comes down to proper maintenance of equipment in the end.  I hardly spool line on I maybe for jigging rods give 60 to 70 yards worth of line, now to some that isn't enough but I like to keep things fresh and I find myself having more success with frequent line changes as well! Play with what works best for you! Happy Hookin'