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3 Rods Every Weekend Bass Angler Needs to Catch More Fish

If you're a novice bass fisherman, there are three rods you should always keep in the boat



No matter how long you have been a bass angler or your experience level, it can be daunting to know which rods are best for catching largemouth and smallies. The aisles at your local bait shop are likely littered with all kinds of options. And very few rod-makers actually detail what their rods are intended for.

Many pro anglers carry 20 to 25 rods on the decks of their boats, but most of those guys and gals are sponsored, so they can pick from a variety of options that don’t cost them a thing. You don’t have that luxury.

But you can get away with having fewer rods and still have the ability to fish a variety of techniques. Here are the three rods to keep in your arsenal. They will allow you be more flexible and catch fish in more locations.

The 70 MHF Rod is Your Bread and Butter

Arguably the most versatile rod in existence is the 70 MHF spinning rod. The 7-foot medium-heavy, fast rod is manageable, and its action allows anglers to cast a variety of baits accurately in both close quarters and at longer distances. 

It is most commonly used as a standard jig and worm rod but can also be used for moving baits such as the spinner bait and chatter bait.  Weightless plastics, shaky, and wobble head jigs can also be added to the list, as well as topwaters such as buzz baits or larger prop baits.

Lastly, though not ideal in all situations, anglers can also use this rod as a frog rod.  If an angler is consistently fishing for big fish around heavy cover or slop, it would be advised to consider a longer, heavier rod. 

Throw Bigger Baits with a 70 MMF Rod

The 70 MMF (7-foot medium action, moderate fast) has a lighter power and slower action so it will enable anglers to throw treble hook baits like crankbaits and jerk baits, along with other moving baits, because the rod will absorb the shock better to help keep those fish pinned.

This rod also shines with spinnerbaits and chatterbaits around wooden structure or open water when you don’t necessarily need the power to get them out of heavy cover.

It will handle small single-hook swimbaits, small spoons, blade baits, and topwater baits with treble hooks, such as poppers or walking baits.

Finesse Fish with the 70 MXF Rod

Lastly, having a 70 MXF (7-foot medium, extra fast) spinning rod is going to round out your arsenal.  The extra fast action is going to give you unparalleled sensitivity, which is especially important with finesse fishing. You’re also going to be able to throw lighter baits further, especially into the wind. 

Anglers can experiment with weightless plastics, light Texas rigs and shaky heads, finesse jigs, Ned rigs, drop shots, small tubes, and small topwaters.

Keep in mind, not all rod manufactures powers and actions are the same, but these rod models will serve as a basic guideline to help you purchase the right one. If you have these three rods, you’ll be covered for a majority of the locations and the techniques you need to catch bass.

On the south end... A great week of walleye and sauger fishing on Lake of the Woods. Lots of limits. Good numbers of fish being caught, which includes eaters, slots and some trophy walleyes to make things interesting!

Most anglers are jigging with a frozen emerald shiner or live minnow. Jig colors to consider are gold with a bright color such as gold / pink, gold / glow white and even gold with some tinsel.

Some reports of spinners starting to work well tipped with a minnow or crawler. A great technique is drifting with a 2 ounce bottom bouncer and spinner rig.

Fish being caught around the lake. Trust your electronics and watch for fish. In addition to the south shore where various schools of walleyes and saugers are living, consider the Garden Island area, Knight / Bridges Island area, and Twin Islands where good fish are being caught.

Most walleyes in that 18 - 24 foot depth.

Good pike reports. Back bays are still holding good eaters and a few big females. Some of the larger fish have made their way to the lake.

On the Rainy River... Walleye anglers are finding some nice eater walleyes in the River. There is always a number of walleyes that stay in the river all year. Whether you like the beauty and secluded feel of the river, have a small boat or simply want to get out of the wind, the river is a great summer spot with little traffic.

Anchored up or slowly moving upstream with a jig and minnow, trolling spinners / crawlers or trolling crankbaits are all effective right now.

Smallmouth bass are plentiful in the Rainy River. Whether you are a bass angler or simply want to mix up species, target feeder rivers, bridges, and areas with rocks.

The sturgeon season will re-open again July 1st.

Up at the NW Angle... Excellent walleye fishing this past week. The jig and minnow is the goto bait. Anglers using spinners with crawlers or minnows and crankbaits are catching lots of fish as well.

Structure around the many islands holding walleyes. Shallow flats areas with current are also heating up.

Great fishing reports from both sides of the border. NW Angle anglers boating into Canada to fish cannot possess or transport any bait, alive or dead. Most are using jigs / plastics, artificial crawlers on spinners and crankbaits with great success. If desired, live bait is available and can be purchased for the day just over the border via boat in Canada, check with your resort for details.

This entire area is great for multispecies action. In addition to walleyes, big pike, smallmouth bass, jumbo perch, crappies,and muskies are also being caught on a regular basis.

A complete list of lodging, fishing charters / guides and helpful info about the area at

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