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Author Topic: So we lost another great one....  (Read 14211 times)

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Offline LPS

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What an absolute icon of energy.  RIP Tina.  Rolling Down the River!!!

Online Jerkbiat

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Hey look your bobber is up!

Offline KEN W

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  • "Conservative on some things...Liberal on others."
Tina was Number 1 in live audiences. Just under 200,000 in 1 concert in Rio. Think about that. That's over 3 times the people at a full stadium at a Vikes game.

Many concerts over 100,000 people in Europe.  One of the top Rock entertainers of all time. Definitely the top female rock star of all time. Will miss her........Love this song......Tina Turner......THE BEST  :happy1: :happy1:
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Conservative on some things.....Liberal on others.....Sane most of the time.

Only the best Packers get to be Vikings.

Offline Dotch

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She could really move! Didn't really listen to her much until her popularity in the early 80's. Then I was hooked. Rough life with Ike. May she RIP.
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Time itself is bought and sold, the spreading fear of growing old contains a thousand foolish games that we play. (Neil Young)