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Author Topic: No bears but other visitors  (Read 783 times)

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Online deadeye

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A couple black blobs came down the trail. Obviously too small for a bear but pretty nice for turkeys.
I think the lead turkey saw my wheeler which was parked below the tree stand. He wasn't sure what to do
so he flew past me and went up to a tree to roost. The second one soon followed. I did get a picture of
him as he flew by. It was quite a sight. The two were still roosted there the next morning. Well worth the
price of admission. Wind almost blew me out of the tree on Sunday afternoon.

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Offline dakids

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Turkeys are cool to watch.  Hopefully a bear shows up soon.  Maybe you need to take a walk to a deerstand and wait for a bear to follow you.
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Offline Leech~~

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Reminds me of the time I setup to call yotes a few weeks after deer season with a caller.  All that came in was a big Tom!  :doah:  :doofus:
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Offline LPS

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Were you using a turkey call?   :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

Online Steve-o

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I remember the first time I saw turkeys picking thru the underbrush, way in the distance when bow hunting.

Took me a long time to figure out what they were cause I wasn't expecting them that far north at the time.