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Author Topic: What to do with this dog  (Read 195 times)

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Offline deadeye

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This lost dog (I assume lost) has been hanging around my bear bait. It obviously is somebody's bear or deer hunting hound. Looks pretty skinny and probably enjoyed some of my bear bait. He is also probably keeping deer and bear away from my target location. There is a guy about 3-4 miles away that has dogs like this. I know he takes them to Wisconsin to hunt bear. I am hesitant to stop and ask him if he is missing a dog as then there will be people, ATV's and trucks all over my property for weeks looking for it. I haven't seen signs of a missing dog but then I haven't looked for one either. I know there's probably differing opinions on what to do here. Starting with the extreme side "just shoot it" to the other put up signs and talk to everyone within 5 miles and organize search parties.
Not sure what to do here. Maybe nothing and hope it resolves itself. 

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Offline mike89

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he looks normal to me, and it appears he has tags on him too....   just sayln...   
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Offline Steve-o

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If he keeps showing up, it might be worth asking that guy.

Otherwise, he'll probably move on - maybe back home - after you stop baiting for bear.

If that guy doesn't keep his dogs fenced or leashed, maybe that dog is making regular trips back and forth on his own now that he has found free doughnuts.  :bonk:

Offline LPS

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Have you tried just talking to him?  Maybe he will come right to you.  Then you put him in your truck and bring him home. 

Offline Boar

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Looks like the hound has a tracking clar on

Offline fishwidow

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I dont know, but personally Id talk to the guy to see if hes missing a dog. If he is Id ask him to come over by himself and walk the area to see if he could retrieve him.
I came across a hound in tough shape a few years ago on Highway 64 in Wisconsin. He also had a fluorescent orange collar and I could count every rib. I followed him for a few hundred yards into the woods, but he wouldnt let me get close. I called a guy I knew in the area who runs bear with hounds. We had lunch and I told him exactly where it was. He said he would talk to some of his friends that run hounds to see if anyone knew someone missing a dog. Unfortunately, nothing ever can of it.

Offline LPS

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Most hounds are sweethearts but not all I am sure.  My brother used to raise them and they were real hunters but they were all very friendly.