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Labor Day Weekend is going to be a busy weekend at Wild River State Park!  Join us for one or all of the many programs offered between Friday and Monday.  With topics ranging from turtles to geocaching to a guided hike around our pond, there should be something of interest for everyone.

Friday, September 4  8 p.m. at the campground amphitheater.  Bluebirds: Bring them back!  Bluebirds are one of our most popular birds, but also one of the hardest hit by habitat destruction and invasive birds like starlings.  Learn about the plight of the bluebird in a short film and find out what you can do to help!
Saturday, September 5   11 a.m.  at the Trail Center.   Just For Kids!
Come join us for this week’s Just for Kids! program. This week’s topic is Turtles. We will  learn all about what makes turtles such a  unique animal through interactive learning and hands-on  activities.  Ages 6-10. 
Saturday, September 5   2 p.m. at the Visitor Center. Amik’s Pond Hike.  Explore the variety of nature along a trail through woods, wetlands, and river shore.  One mile loop hike highlights interesting plants, birds, and  whatever else crosses your path
Saturday, September 5   8 p.m. at the campground amphitheater. 
Two Little Owls. All about owls of Wild River State Park, plus a film about Great Horned Owls.  Have you ever heard of a winged tiger?  The young owls in this film look more like kittens, but these owls are among Minnesota’s most effective hunters.
Sunday, September 6   11 a.m. at the visitor center.  Slithery Snakes! 
Are snakes slithery, sneaky, and slimy?  Or are they cool, quiet, and cautious?  Learn about the snakes found in this park, see live examples (Ripley, a 5 foot 8 inch bull snake, and Winnie the garter snake), and touch - if you dare - representatives of this fascinating group of animals.
Sunday, September 6  3 p.m. at the Visitor Center. Geocaching 101 
Discover geocaching, a modern kind of treasure hunt where you find the “treasure” using a GPS unit.  Attend this starter course to learn about geocaching, using a GPS, and then practice finding an actual cache!  Six GPS units will be available for use; bring your own if you have one.
Sunday, September 6  8 p.m. at the campground amphitheater. Seasons of the White-tailed Deer. See one of Wild River’s most popular wild animals - and also one of our biggest concerns - in this short film that covers deer through the course of a typical year.

Monday, September 7   11 a.m. at the visitor center.  Butterflies in Native Prairies and In Your Back Yard.  A lavishly-illustrated talk on the beauty, variety, and “secret tricks” of colorful and sometimes elusive butterflies in Wild River State Park.  Learn how you can attract some of these butterflies to your own yard!
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