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Author Topic: Pickup Trucks  (Read 607 times)

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Offline Jerkbiat

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Just thought I would fill you boys in on my little adventure with the state and non-commercial Y plates for my Chevy 2500 HD.  So at the beginning of the week last week and friend here showed me a discussion he seen on fakebook about getting non-commercial Y plates for his 2500 truck. So I looked into it and found the laws that determine what a 1 ton is. Low and behold according to the statues my 2020 2500 HD falls under the definition of a 1 ton. So I called the CMV in Baudette and he reads it the same way I do. So he contacted the state and they told him no a 2500 is still a passenger vehicle. So I still didn't believe it and told him I would keep looking. I emailed the state and of course still have not heard back yet. But in the mean time I found the statue the defines a passenger vehicle and a pickup is included in that but the definition of a pickup disqualifies mine which makes it a 1 ton. So I stopped at the DMV on Friday and he gave me the Y plates for my truck. Saves me close to $300 for a few years anyway. Wish I would have seen that 2 years ago. So anyone else that has a newer 2500 HD check your cargo capacity and GVW. May save you a buck or 2 if it is newer.
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Offline markn

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I knew that worked for one tons, but was unaware you could use Y plates on a 3/4 ton.  :happy1:

Online glenn57

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i dont need to worry about that JB.......i aint got that much cash to haul around!!!!!!!!! :doah: :evil: :sleazy: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
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Online LPS

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Still really liking my Ram 1500.  Love a good Pickup truck thread.   :happy1:

Online roony

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Dog spells Dodge

Offline dutchboy

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My "Dog" has 368,000 miles on it. It's buddy sitting next to it in the driveway has 447,000 miles on it, thats a Ford.

These aren't our dads & grandads trucks anymore. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

Interesting info on the plates JB.
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Offline Bobberineyes

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Great find and good to know jb. My douche  will be 7 yrs old soon, don't remember what tge tabs are worth now but new holy smokes. Thanks fir the heads up!