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Author Topic: Good Morning!!!!!!  (Read 4336718 times)

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Mornin' comrades! 60 at choretime heading for a high in the mid-70's. Up until a little over an hour ago I was planning heading to Canada. Wife came back from MA sicker than a dog but claimed it would be OK if I went. Ya right. I know how that would go. Talked it over with Bill & decided we'd rather make a more extended stay sometime in Oct. If the wife hadn't got sick & he'd been talking the 22nd - 27th rather than 22nd - 26th it would've been game on. A lot of driving for a few days stay. Someday I need to figure out how to coordinate this with my buddy who flies to Baudette. Annaway, as Sid Hartman used to say, haircuts in Bugtussle go for $14. I give her 20 and tell her to keep it. Know her family well. She's a fun gal and worth it. Good idea markn. Since I'm crabby about not being able to go to Canada, tossing something good on the grill tonite sounds like a good idea.   
Time itself is bought and sold, the spreading fear of growing old contains a thousand foolish games that we play. (Neil Young)