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Author Topic: Birds in the back yard  (Read 78128 times)

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Online Steve-o

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We seem to have a lot of grosbeaks this year. And the neighbor lady got a picture of the last one....

What kind of bird is that yellow one HD?

Someone on Fartbook said it was a hooded warbler.
well google says there correct!!!!!!! :sleazy: :rotflmao: yea dang cool looking bird...i aint never seen one!!!!!! :pouty:

Well here's why...

The National Audubon Society shows their range to the south and east of us.  Is this more proof of global warming that they are moving our way?   :confused:

Offline fishwidow

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Not exactly a bird, but the hot weather has brought out the first tree frog of the year tonight. They climb the dusk til dawn light usually not until August and have a buffet of bugs attracted to the light.
On the bird side, I have seen kingbirds perching in the backyard.

Offline fishwidow

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Oh, yeah—
I get all the good tree frogs.

Online Dotch

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Time itself is bought and sold, the spreading fear of growing old contains a thousand foolish games that we play. (Neil Young)

Online glenn57

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Yesterday doing an all around inspection of things after being gone 6 days I noticed a wasp of some sort buzzing around my oriole feeders so I out out a wasp trap today.

I just opened up a new jar of grape jelly Vince that's gone I'll take the oriole feeders down. Them wasps jeep the orioles away  :confused:
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Offline roony

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