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Author Topic: Keepin yer cool on da water  (Read 815 times)

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  Keeping your cool on the water.

By Jamie Dietman on Jun 2, 2018

Lately fishing has been, well, just fishing. :confused: But the heat has been something to talk about.

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With temps going from winter right to hot summer days, I thought it would be good to go over some things to help you stay cool on the water.

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One thing I have been experimenting with is fishing shirts, they are not all created equal. Normally I tend to go with the bargains but not this time. :tut: You get what you pay for with new technology fabric making all the difference. Believe it or not but companies such as Huk, Simms and Striker Ice make long sleeve shirts that keep you cooler than your average short sleeve T-shirt.

Next is a little thing called a cooling towel. Simply dip it in cold water and wrap it around your neck, they really help. As far as headwear, baseball caps or the fishing hats work but visors let the heat out. But be careful if your hair is a little thin on top Glenn, you will get a little burned. And as far as those new face shields, they do a great job of protecting you from the sun, but to me they are hot and a little claustrophobic. So I stick to a good sunscreen, just remember to wash your hands good before baiting your hook or changing lures.

Good luck on the water and stay cool. :fishing:
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My favorite way to keep cool was IN the water. When it was hot, and I had the urge to go get some rockies or smallies,  this was my favorite thing to do and keep cool too...