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Author Topic: USFL in June.  (Read 191 times)

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Online dutchboy

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Watched my first USFL action, caught maybe 5-6 minutes. Won't be going back and I doubt they will be around long. Almost nobody in the stands although they pump plenty of background attendance noise into the broadcast.

Quality of play would be bottom half of college I would say.
TIP line: ​ 800-652-9093.  Don't be afraid to call

Offline glenn57

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I'll watch it if there's nothing to do, but Yea it's not something I'd set my alarm for!!!

But hey former viking QB Kyle Sloter is leading the league in passing!!! :happy1: :rotflmao:
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Offline LPS

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Good to know Sloter is doing well.  I just read that his New Orleans team should be in the playoffs and Sloter may be MVP.  His total yards is way ahead of anyone else.   :happy1:
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Offline Steve-o

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Hats off to the Vikings because they used to have the 65th best professional quarterback on their roster.   :coffee: