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Summer seems to have arrived and so has the fishing bite. Lake Sharpe and Lake Oahe both are doing well most days especially for those fishermen that know what areas of the lakes to spend time in. That being said the first area that I will mention is staying mostly in 10 fow or less (many days less than 5 fow) is one key. Looking for stained water on Oahe is also were to concentrate efforts. Right now a lot of different presentations are working i.e. jigs/minnows bttm.bouncer/minnow or crawlers spinners/crawlers/minnows or pulling shallow plugs are catching fish .I have been on the water catching  limits of walleye daily along with smallmouth and sometimes northern/ catfish. My latest trip was with some of my all-time favorite repeat customers Scott and Anne Rose from Ne. and Scotts brother from Colorado. We filled their limits of walleye daily with mostly nice eating size walleye (16 in. avg.) along with plenty for supper Since they already had their possession limits of walleye day three we went catfishing and got a  big bag of these to about 12 lbs. along with one northern so the Roses went home with some real nice bags of fish for their summer eating. We caught most of the walleye in around 6 to 10 fow on spinner/crawler combinations and we caught the catfish and Northern in around 3 fow on smelt. There are a lot of boats everywhere around Pierre as I think people are looking at being outdoors fishing is one way to beat the confinement of the 19 virus. I do think that it is still a very good thing to practice all the recommended precautions to avoid this stuff but if you know who you are fishing with I think being outdoors is as good a way to spend recreational time as there is. Being safe is still the biggest key still though so be aware of all of the recommendations put out for your safety and others. Fortunately in South Dakota we have had the good sense to elect a Governor ranch gal that gives all of us credit for being able to take care of ourselves and watch out for others.  The lakes/boat ramps bath houses cleaning stations etc. are all open  Respect for other fishermen's space around bathhouses and cleaning stations is especially important this year (19) and it is again time for plenty of water bug spray and sunscreen.


Good fishing Hutch