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I have been on the water most days and the fishing has just been a great summer bite for the most part. Some days when weather (big winds) interfere it has been challenging but for the most part the bite both on Sharpe and on Oahe has been rolling. Starting with the Davis group thru Jim becks group and on to the Mccewen group we have been sending possession limits of walleye, smallmouth bass some northern and catfish home with those fishing. The avg size on Sharpe on walleye is probably around 16 inches with a bigger average size on Oahe but probably not as many bites so if you want numbers Sharpe is there but more 18 to over 20 inch fish in your bag I would fish Oahe. Most of the fish we have been catching both places have been shallow in around 10 fow or less but recently the walleye are starting to move out to 17 to 20 fow many days. Looking a little deeper is for sure a starting point. My choice for bait for the last week or so has been nightcrawler/bouncer small blade spinners but minnows are still working some days along with leeches. Trolling plugs produces for those that like that method. So far it seems that most people are respecting the 19 virus stuff and giving space around ramps and cleaning stations and for sure this stuff is still around so doing the recommended precautions is the only way to go probably all this year. There is and has been a lot of boat traffic here this year. Some of it was workers that had time off because of COVID but a lot of it is the result of boat sales, RV sales etc. being at all-time highs recently so more people are using the outdoors as get aways especially on weekends. Be prepared to experience busy boat ramps and full resort /motel rooms. Planning a trip as far ahead of time as you can get you into the better resorts etc. but Pierre is geared to fishermen and hunters so you will find rooms most of the time. Hot weather means lots of water/gator aide in the boat and of course fly repellent and sun screen are essentials. One thing I always mention this time of year is Bermuda shorts. They are cool and great to get a tan but taking along long pants (sweat pants etc.) to slip on when you get in areas that have biting fly's will make for a lot less slapping and a lot more pleasant trips. I keep horse stable spray in the boat but sometimes that doesn't even work.


Good fishing Hutch