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FIRE LOL that is the word everyone likes to use when the fishing is excellent so right now the best way to describe the bite on both lakes especially Oahe is the lake is on fire. Just about everyone is catching lots of walleye’s. I just finished a two day trip with the Curry family a father and three boys. Just as nice a bunch of guys as you would want to guide. They had great weather and both days we put the boat in around eight and had twenty walleyes in the boat by one o'clock. We threw a lot of smaller fish back and especially day one they had exceptional fish with a couple of over 20 inchers and lots of 18 to 19 inch really healthy fish. We caught all of these fish in 12 fow or less on small blade spinner nightcrawler bouncer rigs. I think if you want though you can catch them on minnows leeches or even pulling plugs. Right now the fish are very active so a lot of methods work. There are boats everywhere so be prepared for busy cleaning stations and boat ramps full of trailers. This is stacking up to be an exceptional year and I think throwing a complement to our GF&Parks for generating the bait and fish that are in Oahe is in order. The lake is full of bait and full of fish and great year class action for 17 to 19 inch fish. I think these guys deserve at least recognition for some of this. Sharpe is still going strong and as a result of that taking a little traffic that way but busy is the word on both lakes. This time of the year listening to reliable weather reports and keeping an eye to the sky should be a plan for all of us as strong storms can pop up real fast and get trouble started. I have been caught many times over the years so doing what you can to stay informed and safe is essential to every trp. Remember that if you see a storm coming waiting for that last bite can get you at a boat ramp with 25 other boats circling waiting to load so leaving a head of the crowd sometimes can avoid sitting under a 5 gallon bucket in your boat with hail beating on it. Yes I speak from experience .A little humor now but for sure not then. Sunscreen Bug Spray and extra pair of long pants if wearing Bermuda shorts are good things in your boat.


Good fishing Hutch