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Author Topic: Camping this upcoming weekend.  (Read 334 times)

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Online GrandpaTom

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I stole this from a friend who posted it on face book......

An Unpleasant Update
I debated writing about this. The vast majority of travelers to the North Shore are fantastic. But it's been a hard start to summer and I want you to know why you may encounter some fatigue and wariness.

Last night someone emptied their camper septic off the side of the road I live on, [2.5 miles from a major municipal campground]. There have been lots of other less disrespectful acts. This one kinda put me over the edge.

Please, please, please plan ahead this year.

Don't camp in a closed spot because you didn't plan.
Don't yell at the shop owner because they are closing and had to cut off the wait line.
Don't curse out the staff for requiring masks.
Don't take it out on the front desk because the State Park lots were full.
Don't think you can skip precautions because you are on vacation or because we have a small amount of COVID cases.

We understand it's not easy for you, but come on, we're all in this together.

Thank you for reading and considering this before and as you travel,

Offline mike89

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2nd this too..  it seems some folks are really getting more pushy with all this crap going too.... 
a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work!!

Online Jerkbiat

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That is just stupid to dump your tanks along the road. The are public dump stations all over the place that you can look up online. That is what I did when we got our camper. And yes, don't yell at the messenger. If you have a problem with the rules yell at the Governor.
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