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Author Topic: More on Mille Lacs......  (Read 137 times)

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More on Mille Lacs......
« on: August 22, 2020, 07:58:08 AM »
:reporter;  More on Mille Lacs...... :doah:

MLFAC committee discusses remainder of walleye season  :popcorn:

Da Scoop ..... :doofus:

Update....                                          :mad1:
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Re: More on Mille Lacs......
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2020, 08:32:38 AM »
My take on this issue from all the meetings I've attended,the back and forth banter,bottom line here is these on going meetings are just a token to appease the locals that they're imput is necessary ,but meaningless as the natives have free rein via 1837 treaty rights and they (natives) refuse to do the right thing,this mostly points to the 8 bands coming to mille lacs to pilage our spawning walleyes every spring,that take and do whatever against the wishes of locals and sport anglers because they can,our native objiwas are stuck and against this practice from what the few I know personally say because we non natives lump the bad apples from wisc in to they're basket and they can't do anything about it other than hope for the best.But not sure if I believe them as our natives in minnneota have laid they're cards on the table,they're goal is to reclaim 100's of acres in and around mille lacs county they claim was stolen from them 200 years ago...."really"

think about this,the 1837 treaty rights allow the tribes to fish hook n line with a 10 fish per person limit,no slot yet they continue to gill nett ....this treaty is meant for sustenance but why take so many walleyes?....oh my bad because they can and hunt big game (deer) 9 months/year 24hours/day 4 deer per person,sad deal,all this plus bank rolled by our federal gov't plus the casino$$$.loans grants schools built,health clinics etc when is it enough?

plus one wisc tribe declared a moose harvest in northeast minn where our moose population is in jeadordy today even with a once in a lifetime non native moose license.all this needs to end.IMHO.
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