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Author Topic: Live decoys but no bucks  (Read 203 times)

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Last nights bow hunt was fun, saw deer close but no bucks showed up. 

View to the east. Overlooking the apple trees.

South, overlooking a turnip plot.

West, down the new road.

Pair of small deer walking to the food plot.  Less than 20 yards.

Smaller adult doe

This was a big doe.  I used as decoy but no bucks showed up.

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In a month she might have 2 or 3 bucks chasing her.
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Sweet setup deadeye,thanx for sharing.Main thing is "you have deer" going for ya.
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 :happy1:  like the set up...
Had doe & 2 fawns hang around my ladder stand last night for 25min.
They eased off @ dark-thirty... Waited a bit. Heard noise ta me left...
2 big bodied deer came out, too dark ta see... They stayed under my stand till 7:54pm..

Haven't realy seen no rubs, scrapes yet...  Been waiting for cooler weather set in...
Best wish's...