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Author Topic: A close encounter.....  (Read 252 times)

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A close encounter near Sudbury, Ontario 😲. Stay safe outthere Canada!
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  :doah: I didn't know moose had brakes :scratch: ;) :smiley:, that car was movin & it sure would've caused a lot of damage if it'd hit him. :crazy:
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Wow, what a big critter too!

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that would be worse than that deer a few weeks ago I almost got with the bike!!  yikes!!!
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Holy moly rocky.
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Yipes! Too close. When I was working in ND I was coming home one nite after a few beers with a customer. Darker than a pocket on a gravel road in the Calvin-Sarles area. Was flying low in a CJ-7. Saw what looked like a dark brown long legged beef cow. It flashed across the road in front of me close enough so I mainly saw the side of it. I stopped and cleaned my drawers out afterwards. Several years later a friend of mine from Cando hit one on Hwy 2. It came through the windshield and almost killed him. It took many surgeries & months of rehab afterwards.     
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Yikes. That could have been a bad deal.
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No kidding Dotch.  The wife's cuz lives in Babbitt and works in Ely but has many a times hafta sit and wait on the road fir them beasts to finally saunter off. No collisions yet thank God.