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                What's yer thoughts on dis :scratch:

 Various Ideas have been put fourth on da topic of Trick Er Treating Dis year.

Due to da covid 13 situation it's a decision dat needs special consideration. In my town (Elk Grove, IL) It seems dat da desion will be in da hands of each individule residents. The village will be sending residents a sign dat you may or may not decide ta implement. It will state No Trick er Treaters' dis year....Please come back and see us next year! :pouty:

What's yer thoughts on dis.? One Idea i've heard is ta put a bowl of treats outside da door fur da kids ta help themselves. You kin guess how long dat will last on da honor system! :crazy:

Any thoughts on da topic? :confused:....Let's here what yer opinion or suggestions would be.

Note.... The village has not officially canceled Trick er Treating.
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You go to the grocery store, cashier touches every item you buy.

Go to McDonald's, at least two people touch every hamburger you eat.

I see no increased risk by putting a piece of candy in a pillow case.

If kids some to my house, I'll put on my mask and give them some candy.

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Hey look your bobber is up!

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Or put a bowl of apples or pop corn balls out.  We didn't like getting either of them.    Probably most of them will be there the next morning.   :rotflmao: