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Author Topic: Winners chosen for pheasant and turkey stamp contests  (Read 454 times)

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Winners chosen for pheasant and turkey stamp contests

Lakeville artist Stephen Hamrick won the Minnesota pheasant stamp contest and Bemidji artist Bradley Kenneth Hadrava won the turkey stamp contest. Winners for both contests were selected on Oct. 8.

2021 pheasant stamp 
In the pheasant stamp contest, Edward DuRose of Roseville won second place, Scot Storm of Freeport won third place, and Thomas Kutschied of Longville won fourth place, out of 10 eligible submissions. The pheasant stamp validation is required for pheasant hunters ages 18 to 64 and costs $7.50, plus an extra 75 cents to receive the pictorial stamp in the mail.

2022 turkey stamp 
In the turkey stamp contest, Mark Pearce of Blaine won second place, Kurt Kegler of Mankato won third place, and Thomas Sinnen of Watertown won fourth place, out of 10 eligible submissions. The cost of a turkey stamp is included in a turkey license.

Anyone can purchase these and other fish and wildlife stamps as collectables.
Visit the DNR stamp page for more information about habitat stamps and contest guidelines.
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 I usually buy the walleye 1 with my license but don't actually get the stamp, pretty cheap & was told once that the DNR actually gets to use those dollars how ever they want, instead havin the big wigs in St Paul telling 'em how they have to use it. :cool:
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WARNING:  Annual, obligatory Turkey Stamp post coming...

HD, How 'bout a little heads up about this contest so I can get my entry in on time.

Congrats to the artists - both worthy winners.