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Author Topic: Great time hunting with grandson this past week  (Read 1575 times)

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Even at the young age of 14, I consider my grandson somewhat of a seasoned hunter. He has been tagging along since 8 or 9 and started deer hunting when he was 10 years old. He took part in this years youth hunt.  Most of last year he was pretty much on his own.  He picked the stand, hunted and returned to camp when he was cold, hungry or bored. After spending many hours in the deer stand with his dad (and at the cabin) he had the opportunity to see and judge many deer.  He often returns with deer pictures, some of which I probable would have shot.  :rotflmao:  On Friday afternoon he said he wanted to try still hunting.  I volunteered to teach him.  I told him we will take a few steps, look around and then repeat.  I also told him that we most likely will not see the deer until it jumps up and starts running.  Not too many people can consistently spot a deer in it's bed before it bolts.  We did some walking and talking having a good time when not 20 feet away a doe jumped up.  I admit, I probably should have seen her but almost crapped my pants.  Just as I predicted she ran about 30 yards, stopped turned broadside and looked at us.  Here's when things got a little interesting as my grandson said he couldn't see her.  I said, you mean to tell me you can't see that deer standing there in the trees and brush with it's big black nose just staring at us. 
He did then locate her in the scope and I waited for the shot.  After a bit, at least it seemed like a long time, I ask him if he planned to shoot because she wasn't going to wait around for supper.  Finally, boom, and she ran off but somehow I had picked up on another deer and watched where it headed.  We checked out where the deer was standing and after seeing the splattered blood, I told him there will be a deer at the end of this trail.  There was but it did not go where I watched the deer run so that must have been a second deer I did not see at first.
Best part of the deal is that now my grandson thinks grandpa is the greatest deer hunter of all time. 

Happy hunter

My son and his son.

Meat pole at camp.
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Good looking doe.  Great story.

Youth hunts are very rewarding for everyone, building memories that last two lifetimes.

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Wow that things a Cow of a Doe!  :happy1:
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Great story! Thanks for sharing DE! Congrats to you & your grandson!
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