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Author Topic: BWCA rescues renew debate  (Read 236 times)

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BWCAW rescues renew debate training-087 over SOS technology and wilderness travel.

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As emergency communication technology improves, clearly saving lives, some worry that it's also encouraging risky behavior by unprepared people.[/b][/size] :banghead:

Written By: John Myers | Oct 23rd 2020 - 4pm.

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I'll admit I did not read the article so I might be off base.

I'm assuming the article is about the cost of rescues. Simple solution, make the caller responsible for rescues except in the case of medical emergency or a weather emergency including fire. So, if you are dumb and get lost or don't bring food or realize we have mosquitos in Minnesota you pay. If you need to be hauled out because of heart attack or a forest fire it's on the states dime.

I would think a person could get a simple insurance policy to handle a claim.

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