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Author Topic: Just another great time in a deer stand  (Read 215 times)

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It was nice to bow hunt with snow because you could really tell where the deer are traveling.
Days like this is one of the many reasons I enjoy bow hunting. 

Several bucks took this same route, (30 Yds from my stand) stopping to scrape, rub branches and pee.
This one needs a few years to mature.

This little bucks stood for a long time with the tree blocking his vitals.  Funny how they seem to have a
knack to do this.  For some reason the does that came by shirted this spot.

Interesting triangle.  Top leg would bring deer to the buck scrape spot. Left leg would bring them front and
center at 20 Yards and the bottom leg would give a nice show with lots of opportunity to shoot.

I was looking for a big one to follow the brush line.  Didn't happen on Saturday.

No deer tried to sneak past me from behind.

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fun viewing you're pic's,thanx for sharing.

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You have a great place. Getting a deer cant be a problem.