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I haven't kept these reports up as much as I have in years past and will see next year if I will keep them up. Fishing on Oahe has been excellent for smallmouth bass with 20 fow and just about anything that looks like a shad catching them. Walleye fishing on the big lake has been good for the better fishermen with limits coming in for those who know the lake. Jigs/minnows/chubs pitched away from the boat or drug a long way back in depths around 20 fow or less seem to be the best presentation. That being said many days even the best fishermen struggle. Lake Sharpe remains spotty with limits of nice walleye when the current is right common but hard fishing some days if the corps runs either to much or not enough power. Generally speaking for those that know the river limits are common. Jigs/minnows are the bait of choice with different depths in different areas .A lot of the fish are using the 20 foot holes around Pierre but drifting in 10 fow with jigs way back can work. Weather is always a big factor this time of year so usually just the hardy guys are fishing so that amounts to more experienced anglers on the water. I would like to thank all my customers both repeat and new for your business this year and look forward to a great year next year. One note is that unless I change my mind I do not think I will use Facebook next year so if you are looking for my reports just go to my website or possibly other outlets that I will post. I have switched over to Parler however just haven't figured that sight out yet. A great year bird hunting on private land with outfitters as usual and public land if researched for the right areas also very good. I will post another report around the Holidays but mostly just for season greeting. For now have a great Thanksgiving and if you have questions about the bite you can give me a call.


Good fishing Hutch