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Author Topic: At last I moved the swamp stand  (Read 460 times)

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Around 14 years ago my friends put a tripod stand out in my swamp.  Nothing around it but swamp. They owned the land next to me but the stand was set up on my property.  (I now own the land they had at that time).  They used it for a few years and shot deer but also saw a lot as well.  The stand stood out there like a beacon ever since.  I only was in it once (shot a deer and saw others) but because it's cold and difficult to get to, no one has been in it for the past 10 years. For years I wanted to remove it from the landscape.  Today I had that chance.  Swamp is frozen enough to drive a wheeler on it and not too much ice to make it difficult to chop out.  It was sunk in about a foot.  I'm not sure what the deer will think when they head out into the swamp and the guide post is gone.   :rotflmao:

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