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Author Topic: Trappin death/hunting dogs  (Read 902 times)

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  :reporter; Interesting Article.....

After trapping death of his favorite hunting dog, :pouty: man working to change Minnesota laws
Since 2012, at least 35 Minnesota dogs have been caught and killed and dozens more injured in traps aimed at wild animals like bobcat, fox and racoon.

161 dogs were reported caught in all types of traps,

"I talked to one trapper who said his favorite (bobcat) bait was a grouse carcass. And here we have dogs trained to tune-in on grouse scent wandering into these traps." :banghead:

Written By: John Myers | Dec 18th 2020 - 7pm.
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That picture is fake.  If a 330 were really on a dog it wouldn't be standing.  Would already be dead.  In Minnesota all 330 must be over half submerged in water.  Most beaver trappers have them over 75 % submerged.   Its illegal to set that trap on land. We as outdoorsman must  come together or all will be lost.
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I wondered how that could be possible for the dog to still be standing.

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That's always been a fear of mine out chasing roosters with the pooches.  I showed some vids to the kid how to release one just in case, scared the chit otta him. It was a relief tho, ran into a trapper on some private land tgat was targeting beaver and all his were beneath the water in a creek so I figured we were good. He also showed us how they  work and open. Scarey stuff tho.

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We had our latest BOD meeting for the MN Trappers Assn on Saturday and the report to that date was 2 dogs deaths for the 20-21 season. Report is from the DNR. Just so everyone knows you can reach out to your local MTA director of the MTA and can have release kit, that will work with body grip traps. They are composed of heavy duty zip-ties along with directions on how to use. We have given out thousands of these already. If I remember right the only cost to you is, if they need to be mailed, you must pay the mailing.

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Thanks for the information!  All upland bird hunters with dogs should have these just in case.
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