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Author Topic: Pelican Makes A Duck Hunt  (Read 294 times)

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Offline Delta Duckman

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As we all know 2020 was a very strange year in all aspects so there is no reason the last duck hunt of 2020 should be any different.  Yesterday, 12/31/20 me and Rooster were making a duck hunt down here in SE Louisiana and a pelican landed in the pond then swam over to our boat then jumped up on the transom.  After that it made its way toward the middle of the boat and stayed between us for at least 30 minutes as the video shows.  Obviously in all my years of duck hunting that has never happened, but you have to be out in the marsh for things like that to happen. 

We ended up shooting 2 greys, 4 teal and 1 scaup for the hunt.  Considering how things have been going this season a decent hunt.  The killer was while picking up ducks during the hunt three pintail went right over the decoys.  We could have easily shot two of them.

Happy New Year and happy hunting.

Offline mike89

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that's pretty cool and a great memory for sure!!!   :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :happy1:
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Offline snow1

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Nice,looks like it was moochin for a snack...

Offline LPS

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That is cool as heck!  Great that they recorded it or noone would believe it.

Online Gunner55

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 :scratch: Think I'd be a little carefull petting it though as that beak looks like it could be dangerous. :rolleyes:  ;D ;D
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Offline Delta Duckman

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Glad y'all liked the video.  Does not happen every day for sure.