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Author Topic: Puppy Question  (Read 2338 times)

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A guy I know just got his new puppy home and he has some questions. How do you train a puppy to let you know he needs to go out to the bathroom. You can let him out every hour and you can watch for those obvious signs but how do you get your pup to go to the sliding door and whine a bit to let you know its time?

I know when Luci was a puppy she did this almost instinctively.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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We raised a few golden retrievers while I was growing up.  One tip, for the night time, is to put the pup in a pet carrier.  It can't be too big though.  The pup instinctly will not mess where they sleep.  So, it will whine to be let out.  If it is too big of a carrier, the pup will sleep on one end  and mess on the other.

It worked for us.  Hope it helps.
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