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Author Topic: 2021 MNO Fishing Contest  (Read 167 times)

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2021 MNO Fishing Contest Rules

Rules are:
1. Must be an active member of MNO.  Residents of Minnesota and surrounding states are encouraged to join MNO so you can enter the contest.

2. You will need ten posts by May 15th 2021

3. Contest runs from Saturday, May 15th 2021, till Friday, Nov. 1st at midnight.

4. This contest is a single person contest. You will be asked to submit the longest fish in three species categories. Bass (either smallmouth or largemouth) Walleye or Sauger and a Northern Pike.

 EXAMPLE: The total length will win the contest. Example a 20" Bass and a 26" Walleye and a 40" Northern gives you a total of 86 inches.

5. All fish must be photographed along side a clearly visible outstretched tape measure or fish board and must include the staple item. This years staple item will be announced a few days before the contest begins.

  5.a The entire fish must be in the picture and it is important that the nose of fish is up against the edge of the tape or fish measuring board. Any one of three judges will look at the submitted picture and give it thumbs up. That means the fish has been scored. Fish pictures must be posted by the last day of the contest; no late or early entries will count. There is no deduction for open mouth.  All rulings are final; please post your best photo for judging.

  5.b Please review your photo's before posting. A judge may ask for a different photo if the one that was posted has been disqualified. Again, all rulings are final.
6.  When you post your fish, please make no comments in the scoring thread, save that for the
"Smack Down thread" with a six month long fishing contest there will be a lot of fish for the judges to track and a lot of posts to go through.

   6.a You must post a legal fish to qualify for any prizes. Judges will track the largest fish for each individual member.  Posted fish must meet the minimum.

7. Photos must be posted in the official thread; this thread will be for the posting of fish only.  Please no trash talk in the official photo posting thread. Please post your remarks in the smack down thread.

8. All local and State fishing rules must be adhered to in the catching of fish, Smallmouth Bass must be in season. No illegal means of harvesting will be accepted. Catch and release rules/seasons are OK for the contest. Bass cannot be posted unless they are in season where you caught them.

9. All members who want to participate must sign up by Midnight, Friday, May 14th, 2021.

10. There will be a minimum size for your fish to be entered. Bass will need to be 12" or larger. Walleye or Sauger 15" or larger and Northern Pike 20" or larger. Fish will be measured to the nearest inch down and upgrades may be made in inch units. (Example a walleye at 21 and 3/8 will be scored as 21 and ) There is no limit to how many times you can upgrade your catch. Remember that your largest fish in each category will determine your final entry length.

11. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place member. Prizes will be determined by the donated prizes that we receive. Prizes need to be claimed with in thirty days of drawing. After thirty days if not claimed they will be rolled into the next contest.

12. Winners must PM their sight name and actual name & mailing address to the prize distributor contact before Tuesday, November 30th. After that date all unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and rolled over into next years contest.
Sign up below............

Good luck, and keep your lines tight!
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Of course I'm in. :stillfish: :fishing: :old fisherman:
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of course im in....blah blah blah....
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Why not, I'm in too!

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Hey look your bobber is up!

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Ya why not, I'm in.

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of course im in....blah blah blah....
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Poop, hahahahaha. perfect number for you.
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