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Author Topic: Another Great weekend in the woods  (Read 300 times)

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What an exciting busy weekend.  We didn't get out hunting on Friday evening but did get to watch a couple hens try to look into the cabin.
Saturday morning I was observing with my grandson while he attempted to get his first turkey.  I hosed it up when I turned around to look into the woods behind us only spook a tom standing about 20 yards in the woods. Later we saw a tom sitting by a tree 50 yards into the woods. We also got to watch two hens in the field in front of us for over two hours.  My son had gobbling around and saw a couple hens. From 9:30 till 4:00 on Saturday my daughter brought 20 girl scouts to my land to roam, explore and have adventure. Saturday evening my grandson and I watched a big tom walk by between us and the cabin. Couldn't get him interested in our decoys.  My son saw some hens and a tom about a quarter mile away but wouldn't react to a call.  Sunday (today) was slow for me and grandson but my son had some action when a jake and tom came across a field to check out his decoys. Before reaching them they veered off and started down a hill that would slowly hide them.  He decided it was now or never and let loose with a 12Ga, 3 1/2 Magnum, Turkey load.  The bird went down but got up and headed downhill towards the woods. It expired before making it to the woods.  Nice 25 pounder.  After taking care of the turkey the three of us planted a half dozen pine trees that I had dug up in my back yard.  After a big burger lunch we headed for home.  My grandson got to drive because he just got his permit on Thursday. Cool.

I took this picture out the cabin window while waiting for my son and grandson
to arrive Friday evening. 

These two hens provided live decoy action for over two hours Saturday morning

My son shot this nice 25 pound tom today (Sunday morning)

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Very cool.  Thanks for sharing.   Nice pictures to.
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