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Author Topic: NFL Stuff  (Read 157 times)

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Offline LPS

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I just read that since San Fran is so expensive to live in that the 49ers have a guy that helps players adjust to it.  Trey Lance from Marshall is learning that now  The average home price in Marshall is $198,000.  That will get you about a 2,000 sf home.  In San Fran the average price for an 1,800 sf home is $1.9 mil!!!   

Online glenn57

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He best find one of them hot California girls to share a place with  :sleazy: :rotflmao:

It was spendy 30 plus years ago when I was out there. :confused: worked on a milk tank and was out there a week
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Offline LPS

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Haight Ashbury area?  Must be just a great place and great climate to be that expensive.

Offline fishwidow

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Back in the early 80’s I did business with a company located in th Bay Area. The company sold and the employees had a chance to move to Decatur, Georgia. They were all extremely unhappy- until they were able to sell their small bungalows on postage stamp lots for enough money to buy nice big houses with acreage, swimming pools, three car garages, and at least, in one case, a “stable”. And then they still had money left over.

Online Steve-o

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Don't NFL teams have a guy or a "fixer" for everything?

A guy to tell rookies to save their money.
A guy to remind players to stay out of trouble.
A guy to drive players home when they've had a few too many.
A guy to bail them out of jail when they don't call the guy who should drive them home.