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Author Topic: Bass tournaments around Brainerd.  (Read 94 times)

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Offline gophergunner

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My back issues continue to keep me on the sidelines. Hoping I get cleared for surgery soon. Assuming I can get my health issues straightened out, I'd like to take my daughter out and fish a two man team tournament, either for bass or crappie next year. Can anyone tell me of a fairly casual tournament around the Brainerd area I could sign us up for?


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Don't know if there going to do it this year, but the W.I.N.K. Super Hero fishing tournament goes out of Lum Park on Rice Lake / Mississippi river in late July or early August.
You have to fish with a rod under 25" and they recommend you dress up like your favorite superhero (Glenn?).
I haven't seen anything about it this year but who knows.
Otherwise it the usual weekly leagues that you have to get invited into.
There might be one on Serpent lake in Crosby.
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