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Author Topic: Josh Hubbard  (Read 376 times)

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Online GrandpaTom

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Karen SolversonJosh Hubbard Fishing
June 14 at 5:36 PM 
Just a shout out to this amazing guy. My friends had just been at a radiation appointment for cancer treatment In Madison. On the way home, the low tire pressure light came on. They pulled off the highway and felt lucky they were close to an exit. They stopped at the BP station by the air machine and discovered they had a nail or something in the tire. As fast as they filled it up with air, it would deflate. Josh came over and said, "You ladies need some help?"  And he proceeded to help them get back on the road.
These ladies fish all the time and noticed he was towing a boat so they asked him where he was going. Turns out he was on his way to a fishing tournament in Minnesota, and yet stopped to help them get back home after their long day at the cancer clinic. 
There are still gentlemen in this world.  They even tried to give him $20 but he refused!
Hope you have an amazing weekend, Josh.  Pat Green and Sandy Whiteman are so thankful for your act of kindness!
#KindnessMatters #JoshHubbardFishing #Grateful #WIWomenFish #LadyAnglers #StillGoodPeopleInThisWorld

Offline snow1

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Good story G.T. agreed we do have a few good souls in our country that make a difference,thanx for sharing,good read in our troubled times.
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Online mike89

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that is great!!!!   :happy1:
a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work!!

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May Karma follow this young man and provide him a win in his tournament.     :happy1:
TIP line: ​ 800-652-9093.  Don't be afraid to call