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Author Topic: Fly fishing?  (Read 403 times)

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Offline tangle tooth

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I may be in the wrong pew here but, is there a fly fishing or fly tying form on here somewhere?
I don't do a lot of either right now but since I have more time, I'd like to whip up more poppers, bugs and terrestrials. Maybe a wooly bugger, even.
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Offline HD

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I have a few fly rods, and fish with them every now and then. I used to tie all my flies. Even made a few streamers for muskie fishing.
Trout fishing a lot on the tributaries of Superior and fishing poppers on small farm ponds for gills.
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Offline glenn57

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I also have a fly rod but haven't used it in years. Only used it to sunfish. I'd tie 3 flies to a line and fly fish early season. Then the old plain hook sinker and bobber in deeper water during the summer.
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Offline mike89

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I too have some fly rods from a few years ago.. have not used them for along time..  didn't do fly tying myself..  friends did so I was good to go!!  sure was fun once you get the basics figured out...
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Offline tangle tooth

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I used to grab one my fly rods and head out right after ice out and in the fall. Water levels and temperatures being what the are this year, I just chase them channel cats. At least it's easier to find the pools now.
If I had known I would live to be this old, I would've drunk better whiskey.

Offline Steve-o

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Sorry I'm late to the party.   :party3:  I missed this thread earlier.

MN is great for fly fishing.

Steelhead is the name of the game along the North Shore.  Lake trout as well in some lakes, but I don't know how they would fish with a fly rod.

There are browns, rainbows, and brookies in the Southeast, but I would recommend catch-and-release as often as possible down there.  If folks kept keeping them, they wouldn't last long.  There are some stocked rivers down there, so contact the DNR or Trout Unlimited to target those if you want a meal or two of trout.

The upper Saint Croix if ideal for a smallmouth bass float trips.  That is on my MN fishing bucket list.

You might check in with Robert at Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop in St. Paul and ask him about is now world record musky on fly.

And nothing wrong with taking panfish and largemouth bass anywhere all summer long.  You can do it all in MN.

You can check out Facebook for MN fly fishing groups, but be warned, you might not like what you see.  I don't think what they post up there is good for fly fishing in MN.  Its all about bragging trophy shots and not about advocating for and protecting the resources we have.  Oh yeah, and flaming other people for not living up to their standards.

Trout Unlimited is your best bet for connecting with like-minded anglers.  There are 5 chapters in the state.

I hope you stick around for a while, Tangle Tooth, and post up often.  Good luck.

Offline snow1

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took up fishing at a young age,this included fly fishing,still have my grandpa's bamboo fly rod with his old automatic spring loaded wind up fly reel....

Fished steelhead back in the mid 70's along the north shore of lake superior (back when we had steel head run's) from duluth to grand marias,fished every stream/river back then but steel head fishing wasn't really fly fishing,rather drift fishing using mono 8lb test line with homemaid yarn flies that simulated trout egg's or borax cured spawn sacks using a 8' 8wt fly rod for the sensitivity of the lite steelhead bait pickup (they don't really bite,rather react) of one's presentation.,Fly fishing can be as addicting as ppl musky fish,I fly fished all over the western states from colorado,wyoming,montana then moved to Alaska for several years...Fly fished SE eastern Mn water's as well,white water area is well known for it's trout streams,bow's ,browns and native spec's(brook trout).

Alaska spoiled me for fly fishing outting's these day's ,fly fishing Alaska is the ultimate in my book.

Fall run dolly varden and silver salmon....

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