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Author Topic: Bow hunting but no deer in pictures  (Read 237 times)

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Offline deadeye

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Yesterday afternoon and this morning dakids and I went bow hunting on my land. We both saw deer but no shots. Got rained on a bit this morning.  Hence no big buck pictures.  :rotflmao:
It was noisy Thursday due to lots of dried leaves on the ground. Squirrels, grouse, and chipmunks made a lot of racket. A large beaver, some geese and swans kept me occupied.  One small buck passed by in the brush at 30 yards.  Maybe I just imagined I saw antlers.

Views Thursday evening.

Views this morning (Friday) before it rained

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Online dakids

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What Deadeye failed to mention is that he sent me a trail cam video of deer that were walking under the stand I was In.  The deer were right by the stand  i was in.   I thought it was WHEN I was in the stand.  He got me good.  I thought I was never going go live it down.  Thankfully it was from the day  before i sat in the stand. 

My view  from said stand.
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Hey look your bobber is up!