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Author Topic: Water Cooling Walleye Movement  (Read 282 times)

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On the south end...  An incredible week of walleye fishing and it should only get better throughout the month as the water cools.  With traditional fall walleye movements around the lake, big numbers of walleyes and saugers are set up along the south shore and anglers are catching a lot of fish. 

Most anglers are anchored up and jigging with a fathead or emerald shiner.  Live shiners are available and effective.  There are still walleyes being caught on spinners with minnows as well as trolling crankbaits.

The best reports are coming from 18-30 feet of water. 

In addition to walleyes and saugers, pike, jumbo perch and sturgeon are in the mix for walleye anglers.

On the Rainy River...   Emerald shiners continue to run in the Rainy River and more and more walleyes are entering the river each week.  Fishing has picked up consequently.

Jigging with a minnow, in many cases a frozen or live shiner, is the go to method.  Emerald shiners are a favorite native forage for walleyes in this system. 

With 42 miles of navigable river and lots of boat ramps from Wheeler's Point through Baudette east to Birchdale, there are many stretches of river to fish.  Good reports up and down the river.  Schools of walleyes are moving through chasing shiners.

Sturgeon activity continues to pick up with good fall reports.  A gob of crawlers and/or frozen shiners on a sturgeon rig (18 inch leader made of 60lb test, circle hook and a 2-3 ounce no roll sinker) is the ticket.  The catch and release season continues through April 23, 2022.

Up at the NW Angle... 

Fall fishing up at the Angle and just over the border adjacent to the Angle continues to be excellent.  Most anglers are using a jig and minnow or jig / plastic with some still pulling spinners and trolling crankbaits.

3/8 ounce gold, pink or glow colored jigs have been hot.  With no live, frozen or dead bait being able to be transported over the border from the U.S. into Canada, NW Angle anglers fishing into Ontario reporting various plastics on their jigs and spinners working great.

Areas with structure and sandy areas in neck down areas continue to hold good fish.  14 - 27 feet is the range depending upon the spot. 

Big crappies are in their fall spots and being caught on jigs and minnows in 25-30' around various structure.

Muskie anglers report good fishing overall.  During stable weather, fish were shallow.  Cold front pushed the muskies deeper.  Covering water trolling is a strong fall muskie technique and should get better as water cools.   

Travel to and from the Angle via vehicle through the 40 miles of Canada is open.  Boating into Canadian waters is now open. 

Charter boat transport and float planes are still available through the LOW Passenger Service and Lake Country Air. 

A complete list of lodging and fishing packages around LOW, the NW Angle, Baudette and the Rainy River at

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