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Author Topic: Blue Heron Rookery  (Read 1692 times)

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This kinda sheeat just totally pi$$es me off.....there's a blue heron rookery in a wooded area in town that's been there for many years, now some goof wants to bulldoze it down and toss up some low-income housing. This has been going back and forth all year, why is everything a major tear-it-down issue in this town?! We're famous for the geese, yet they had to build fences, grow tall rushes along the waters edge, and oil their eggs (geese) so none hatch, becuz we have "too many." They filled in a great fishing hole and rocked in the stream below a dam (I enjoyed it for many years, caught a LOT of fish there) because it was "eroding the ground away"...this was out in the country! One stoopid thing after another here, notwithstanding all the historic buildings they also bulldoze down. Nothing can ever be refurbished or re-used.... :mad1:
This is a no-brainer...just say NO and save the Blue Herons! I find this almost criminal IMO.....

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It's all about the $ Reb as you know,low income housing allow's the city to collect federal $ for  other endevor's to fill they're coffers..

We have it goin on here in Hugo mn as well.taking farm land via "eminent domain" or .50/dollar then section 8 apt's going up,recently 8 40 unit buildings,crime will sky rocket in our town in a few years.,glad I'll be long gone by then.But taking wetland is a big process in minn,they can't just back fill these days Reb,so someone is hoop jumping pushing this project forward.