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Author Topic: Who taught you?  (Read 625 times)

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Offline Steve-o

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The other trick is to remember which direction will get you back to the road BEFORE you walk into the woods - especially important when you pull up to a new patch of woods grouse hunting.

Online glenn57

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i've hunted deer in the same woods for over 30 years. i usually also have a compass. i typically only ventured off to new ground with snow on the ground....i could tack my self back.

there is no way i can get really lost. there are enough trails i've grouse hunted back there one will usually end up on.
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My dad and my grandpa (mom's side) taught me about hunting. My dad never had hunted before marrying my mom. So, his father-in-law trained him up and when I turned 12 years old, I began hunting with them. I have hunted that same area every year since (37 years).

I too have been out scouting, walking and hunting when I look down at the compass and it is telling me I should be going in the complete opposite direction but my mind is telling, it's this way.

One time I lost my compass and had to text my dad to honk the horn to make sure I was heading back to the truck after it had gotten dark. That was a little nerve racking...not enough cell signal to call but my text went through and he honk a couple times and it helped me get back quicker...I would have eventually came to a logging road and had a lot longer walk back to the truck.
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