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Author Topic: CWD hunts coming up  (Read 364 times)

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CWD hunts coming up 
Deer hunters seeking additional opportunities can harvest deer in late season chronic wasting disease management hunts in the southeast, south metropolitan area and along the Minnesota-North Dakota border.

Hunting dates are Friday, Dec. 17, through Sunday, Dec. 19, and Friday, Dec. 31, through Sunday, Jan. 2. Deer permit areas open to these CWD management hunts are 261, 262, 343, 605, 643, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649 and 655. Hunters may participate in both hunts.

More details: Read the CWD hunt regulations
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The real CWD in MN is the DNR whole sale slaughter of Deer in any Zone they find a few diseased deer in. Has this method really proven to eliminate the disease?
Other then the fact that if you dont have any Deer, you dont have a disease! 🤪
Maybe that will work for Covid as well? 🤭
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Ya, they got lucky once to eliminate the TB up by Skime and think they can do it again with something that stays active for  years. CWD has been around for decades out west. They need to learn to live with it.
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Yep, out there everyone tests their deer and tosses the meat if its infected.  My cousin lost his venison this year to a failed test.

Yeah, the state won't take this seriously until  they discover that wolves are getting CWD from eating infected deer - and THEN they'll want to do something about it.

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interesting thought...   
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