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Author Topic: Nice day for a bow hunt  (Read 990 times)

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Offline deadeye

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I went to the land to check things out. Not much new snow but lots of deer activity. I had intended to hunt
a different location but after seeing all the amount of deer activity around the cabin I decided to just stay there
and watch. I had my bow just in case a big buck offered a shot. Hard to believe the deer tracks made in the day
and a half of the last snow. The deer didn't disappoint as the first deer a doe and fawn came from the north at 3:30. They fed
for 15 minutes and left. Then a doe and two fawns came out from the south fed for 15 minutes and left. Later these three plus
two more came from the south and often fed well within bow range before leaving. Just before dark 4 deer came from the
west. Two big does, a smaller doe and a fawn. Before I left the cabin I could see other deer farther away but had no
way to tell if these were different than the ones I had seen earlier. A C130 also buzzed me while I was walking around. Cool. 

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Offline snow1

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Geez D.E.,looks like the deer had a over night party when you were gone,busy critters.

That 130 pass reminded me of "Puff" w/o front cannons.nice bird.