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Author Topic: Is someone watching or listening  (Read 742 times)

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For various reasons in the last month I have cancelled "The Athletic" & "Sirius XM Radio". I'm a old fart. If you don't do what you say you will do and don't employ Americans I can talk to when I have a problem i'll just drop you. Also dropped the local trash guy for his $2 fuel charge. Amazing the BS I have discovered I can live without.
so dutchy, what do you do with your trash now???? we've had a fuel service charge for i bet 15 years!!!!!!! i dont think around here you could find a garbage hauler that doesnt charge a fuel surcharge?????????

i know at the cabin we take some stuff to a county dump site bit its not household garbage. i dont even know if they take that. i've only ever brought junk there?

oh and i definetly hear you about non English speaking customer reps!!!!!!!! :confused: :doah:
2015 deer slayer!!!!!!!!!!