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Author Topic: Drones?  (Read 117 times)

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Offline snow1

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kinda gun shy here,hope general is okay~

Anyone have one for recreation? curious about them,if so how do they function in the wind?

suspect we have folks using them to locate critters they hunt,or do we have laws banning this?  I've seen drone video footage eyeballing a goose field hunt setup,checking hunters camo etc,blinds. but for scouting critters like deer,not onboard but that's my take.

Offline Boar

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 Ive always wanted one. I think in mn, its illegal during a hunt. But theyd be fun

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Been around numerous people who have them but haven't felt the urge to buy one. Handy for some things, for others not so much. Flying them on windy days doesn't work real swell. Clouds are an issue too when taking photos, especially infrared. I spent 3 summers working for the elevator back in the 80's hanging out of an airplane taking infrared pictures. If I need to get an aerial view of something I talk to one of my customers who have planes. Seems like they're usually looking for an excuse to go up and spy on people.
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Offline roony

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Glenn wants one so he can see where they are catching fish and also how they are doing it.
Is there a drone shortage? Oh never mind  :fish2: :fish2: :cool: :cool:
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Glenn wants one so he can see where they are catching fish and also how they are doing it.
Is there a drone shortage? Oh never mind  :fish2: :fish2: :cool: :cool:
:rotflmao: :rotflmao: that's right... Never mind. I can catch fish without any assistance. :mooning:

I always thought of drones kinda like clay pigeons!! :fudd: :fudd: :evil:
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