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Author Topic: looking for tranny advice  (Read 944 times)

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Online Pulleye16

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Do you guys also call gearheads, trannys?   Well, if there are any "trannys" out there that can help, jump in!

I've noticed my voltmeter jumping around pretty good on my truck when driving in to work today. If I had to guess, +/- an amp or two. Maybe I just never noticed it but it was making me nervous.

I have roughly 150k so I'm probably due to replace the alternator...just wondering how crucial this problem is, or if its even a problem.  I own a 2012 tundra and for those that don't know, this can be an all day project. My worry is that I'm leaving town friday for duck opener towards brown valley (3.5 hr drive) and not sure I'll be able to tackles this in time.

I'll hit NAPA up on the way home to see if they can test it...but I can guarantee they'll recommend battery, alternator, belt, ect.  LOL.

My hope is that this is normal and I just never noticed it that much. I have the following weekend free in which I'll swap out the alternator, idler and tension pulleys as with 150K, it's time!

Oh-recommended alternators? OEM, NAPA, carquest, etc?

Offline HD

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I buy all the parts that I "need" to depend on, from Napa.... i.e. starters, alternators, water pumps ect....

Oil, windshield washer fluid and the like, I pick it up anywhere it's on sale.
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Online mike89

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ORilesy's does free testing too I think..  I'd be wondering too...   should be steady I think... 
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Online LPS

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Auto Value checks them too. 

Offline markn

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Pulleye, if you have a alternator that still has the main stud (5/16" needs 1/2" wrench) on it that goes to the battery take a look to see if it's corroded, also check your battery connections. Might be a quick easy inexpensive fix. Alternators should just fail, not work and not work. I'm like HD, major things I get at NAPA. Good luck. :happy1:

Offline Leech~~

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looking for tranny advice.

This post is going to be so fun, once all the good advice is given!   :popcorn:   :rotflmao:
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Online LPS

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I've been waiting.   :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :happy1:

Online Pulleye16

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I thought I gave an update but it must not have went through...

I cleaned the heck out of the terminals and connections. Did a simple battery test to check the alternator status.  Grabbed the multimeter, battery was at ~12.6. Started up the tundra and battery went to ~13.6 When driving, I got up to around ~14. So, I think the alternator is good...fingers crossed.

But here's what I noticed; when I put a full load on the system and with defrost on (compressor), I noticed the compressor was short cycling causing the battery to fluctuate quite a bit. And if you were looking at the vehicles voltmeter, it looked like it was jumping around...which is what I saw that day.

Markn-the alternator is in an unfortunate location on the Tundras so getting to the alternator terminals is a challenge, but thanks for the advice. I will definitely give that a try when I work on the pulleys and have better access. Thanks! 

I knew I was due to replace the tension and idle pulley so I'm going to tackle that the following weekend. I'm not sure that will fix the short cycling issue or not but it's getting done as I bought the parts a few weeks ago.

If that's not the issue, I'll need to see if my pressure is low. That's about as far as my skills allow. After that, I'll need to get a tranny to come stop by the house some evening...