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Author Topic: First Grouse Hunt  (Read 2081 times)

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Offline CAB

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This weekend was my first grouse hunt here in MN(hunted grouse in ME mostly). Got to a trail head and as I was getting my boots on a guy with a over/under shotgun and Springer get out of a truck next to me. I know I'm not going to beat that dog based on how this land is. I say hi and chat for a minute with the guy. Great guy and he was willing to spilt up the area. I have never been there and I have a spot 20 mins away I want to check so I let him have the area. His boots touched the trail before mine so it's only fair. I heard him shoot something not long after. I go to my 2nd spot and it was tough to find birds. Flushed 1 grouse but other than that I didn't see much. It was a nice relaxing grouse/woodcock hunt with almost no action but what a beautiful walk. I hunted around the Princeton area. What a beautiful state so far. I can't wait to explore more of it.

Offline Bobberineyes

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Sure is fun to get out, if your looking at a day walk go a little further north cab. You don't havta get way up north to find birds but just north of Millacs you should get some shooting in.

Online dakids

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I'm not a grouse hunter but I've seen a few birds in the Sherburne wildlife refuge. 
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Offline Jerkbiat

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It will only get better to as the leaves start dropping. Hard to see any birds right now. But it is just nice to get out there.
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Offline Dotch

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Always envious of you guys who live up north and can walk out your front door to grouse hunt. I love being in the woods with the solitude it provides. There are some grouse over in SE MN too but good luck trying to hunt them. Pretty thick cover especially since few graze cattle in the woods anymore.   
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