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Author Topic: Thickening Ice is Upon Us  (Read 659 times)

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Lake Of The Woods Fishing Report

On the south end... The wait for thickening ice is upon us.  This week, cold temps added to ice formation on back bays and on much of the big lake.  The ice still needs time to thicken, but is making progress.  When the time is right, resorts and outfitters will slowly and safely begin marking and grooming trails for ice travel. 

First out on the ice will be pike anglers / spearing in the shallow bays.  From there, things will progress as the ice begins to form on the lake.  Resorts will communicate about ice conditions on the ice roads and trails they are monitoring and grooming. We are not there yet. 

As a general rule, day houses are set by resorts mid December.  Sleeper fish houses get placed when ice thickens further.  Mother Nature combined with ice conditions in that given area of LOW will dictate what weight limits each individual ice outfitter gives the green light to.  Safety first.

Walleyes and saugers are in good numbers for ice anglers when the time comes. 

On the Rainy River...   With colder weather, much of the Rainy River is frozen up with areas of open water scattered throughout.  Things are progressing but it certainly needs cold weather and some time.

Just like the lake, we encourage visitors to work through a resort or outfitter for safety.

Up at the NW Angle... Bays and much of the lake are frozen up throughout the Angle.  Ice is forming nicely and is right on track for this year's ice fishing season.

Throughout the fall, walleyes were in good numbers and all indications point to good fishing when the ice is ready.

A complete list of lodging, fish house rentals and sleeper fish house rentals at

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